Filtir - A ChatGPT plugin for fact-checking

We are excited to announce the release of the Filtir ChatGPT plugin!

Filtir is designed to assist users in fact-checking the outputs generated by ChatGPT. By cross-referencing claims made by ChatGPT with databases of reliable information, the Filtir plugin offers an auditable assessment of the factuality of the text. We see this as a step forward in improving the reliability and transparency of AI systems, providing you with the power to fact-check generated text efficiently.

You can see Filtir in action in the demo video below which walks you through how to install and use the plugin.

Filtir is now accessible through the Plugin Store to all ChatGPT Plus users. To get started, head over to ChatGPT, use the Plugin drop down, select the Plugin Store, find Filtir, and click "install."

How it works

Filtir analyzes the output of ChatGPT, identifying claims and comparing these claims to publicly accessible evidence by cross referencing and verifying correspondences. From a technical perspective, this requires several key building blocks:

  • Claim extraction (identifying factual claims that have been made in the AI-generated text)
  • Evidence search (efficiently finding evidence that is relevant to the claims through semantic search)
  • Claim assessment (evaluating the degree to which the retrieved evidence supports or refutes the claim)


It's important to know that Filtir isn't perfect. While it's designed to improve the fact-checking process, it's still essential to approach AI outputs with a critical eye. Filtir is a tool to aid in fact-checking, but it cannot yet replace the need for careful review and verification.

Next steps

We believe Filtir is an important step forward in our quest for providing truthful and reliable AI tools. We're eager to hear about your experiences with Filtir and look forward to refining and enhancing the plugin based on your feedback.

If you'd like to join the discussion, you can jump into our Discord server. Don't worry, we are friendly!

Samuel Albanie, Filtir, 16th June 2023